SteelHead Productions

Booth and Exhibit Design

Let me just say, that this is the coolest company ever! I do a lot of research everyday, and not many times do I come across something that amazes me. This company SteelHead Productions offers a service which include Booth Design and Exhibits. They do Trade shows and service in designing based in Las Vegas.
43Their services include Custom Exhibit Design where they ask you some basic questions about your product and then form a design. They have the most creative staff ever. Then there is the Custom Rental Exhibits, this includes keeping up in the Market Industry. Say that you need a Rental in 3 days, and have no ideas of putting something together. Give theses guys a call, and thats plenty of time for them to put an amazing Exhibit and Booth Design. After, they will contact you for future shows and assist. It gets even better The Turnkey Trade Show Service is giving you the satisfaction that everything on the Trade Show floor is taken care of. They find the best prices to meet your needs, and you get great quality. The last service that they offer is Portable and Modular Option, this option takes you to a new website. On this site you can view all the displays and lights that they offer, and Trade Show tips.
Once you seen what they offer, check out their Portfolio. tamouh_01It’s amazing what a creative mind can come up with, their work is awesome. Of course their contact information is on the website. You can also request a free quote as well as meeting the team online. They show you their locations and the client reviews. I personally like this just because you always want to look at reviews about a company to see if they are good and SteelHead provides that. There’s also a blog on this site too. When you visit the blog, it shows you clients reviews on their social network along with posts that they have made. Also gives you an option to subscribe. Like I said, keeping up with marketing world is very important today.